Latest news: my brand new collective, Partout, is planning its debut exhibition for 2021 - watch this space!

I create paintings using materials and techniques that have been tried and tested for eight hundred years. My work has been exhibited at the National Gallery, London, and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and can be seen on permanent display at Fisher Hall, Cambridge. It was recently featured in the Golden Globe winning BBC television series, Fleabag. 

I have lectured internationally on historical painting techniques and have provided teaching materials for both the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and the Getty Conservation Center (Los Angeles). I am also the author of a book on painting in the early Italian Renaissance, Cennino Cennini's 'Il Libro dell'Arte' (Archetype 2015). 

To view a short film of my working process, follow this link.

You can keep up to date with my work on Facebook and Instagram.